Branding & White Label

Branding carries your business, and often, your ego. One of the best “perks” of owning your own business is the ability to personalize the tools that you use; making them beacons of your brand and hallmarks of your taste. By using TransactionAdmin real estate website software, companies are able to upload their personal logos to our software. They’re then able to see their company’s branding on all pages of the interface, all reports they create, and (if desired) across the top of their commission statements.For those seeking to build a stronger position in the marketing, TransactionAdmin offers a top-notch real estate white label software solution. In this case, the system becomes truly “yours” with no limitations.

For example:

► Stand out from the crowd by offering your own solution to agents.
► Customize the look and feel of the system to match your corporate style.
► Setup branded email notifications.
► Connect system to your domain name.

Stand-out real estate brands do big business, so you’ll need powerful commission management technology that integrates with quickbooks. TransactionAdmin provides both!