Document Management & Checklist Templates

Transaction checklists help to simplify the real estate document management process. To help guide users from listing to closing, TransactionAdmin automatically assigns default real estate transaction checklists when users create a transaction.Have a transaction checklist of your own? No worries. Our interface allows for setup of your own templates, which you can then automate with help of simple rules.

Additionally TransactionAdmin users can:

► Store any documents, forms, pictures, audio files or voice Messages
► Store emails (send them to your transactions)
► Setup checklist templates for any transaction type
► Create sophisticated templates with ability to populate due dates based on acceptance, listing, closing and escrow milestones

Once all documents have been uploaded, use our intelligent backup feature to download a copy of your transaction data at any time. As an added bonus, all of our packages include unlimited storage, so you can rest assured that no matter what your staff uploads to the system – it stays there, for as long as you need.