Offer Management

FACT: Real estate agents love buyer competition. And why wouldn’t they? Competition leads to multiple offers, higher selling prices, and happy clients.

On the flip side, multiple offers also means extra work for the listing agent. In a hot market where you might receive 40 or 50 offers on a single listing, and when every one of those offers is in a separate file, one simple task can become complicated, confusing, and frustrating.

As an agent, your most important job is to keep track of those offers and help your seller chose the best one to accept or counter. Which is why you need an all-star technology to simplify offer management, and it just so happens that TransactionAdmin recently expanded its transaction management function to include online real estate offer management, so you (the agent) can rest easy.

Benefits for Selling Agents:

► Instant notifications about new offers
► All offers stored within your listings
► Single list of details for all received offers, including price, buyer name, loan type, etc.
► Email buyers or buyers’ agents directly from the system
► Asks to submit highest and best

Benefits for Brokers:

► All listings and corresponding offers presented in a single location
► Instant visibility on all offers
► Automatic log of all communications
► Ability to download transaction archive with a copy of all offers

Once you’ve sold the house, you’ll need a powerful transaction management tool to track commissions and fees. See TransactionAdmin transaction management capabilities.