[ms_row] [ms_column style=”1/3″]API ACCESS
Connect other real estate products and eliminate laborious data entry. Your staff will thank you!
[/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/3″]AUTOMATED CHECKLISTS
Create sophisticated templates with the ability to populate due dates based on your milestones.
[/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/3″]COMMISSION TRACKING
Set commission levels, adjust as needed, and then automate commission disbursement and reporting. Never use a calculator again!
[/ms_column] [/ms_row][ms_row] [ms_column style=”1/3″]COMPLIANCE REVIEW
Make compliance a piece of cake with an automated tracking feature to help you keep an eye on outstanding docs and deficiencies.
[/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/3″]CRM INTEGRATION
Sync any CRM platform and see all customers, leads, prospects and opportunities in both platforms, instantly.
[/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/3″]DASHBOARD / REPORTS
The visibility you need to stay “on top” of every section of your business via robust and customizable dashboards.
[/ms_column] [/ms_row][ms_row] [ms_column style=”1/3″]E-SIGNATURE
Join the 21st century and sign documents in an instant via our secure electronic signature capabilities.
[/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/3″]OFFER MANAGEMENT
Bring order to the chaos of multiple offers by keeping all offers and corresponding documents in one place.
[/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/3″]MLS INTEGRATION
Automatically import MLS listings and keep everything: listings, transactions, and documents, all in one place!
[/ms_column] [/ms_row][ms_row] [ms_column style=”1/3″]QUICKBOOKS INTEGRATION
Integrate with Quickbooks and become more efficient, increase profit margins, and ease the workload burdening administrative staff.
[/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/3″]TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT
Automating document requests, agent deadline reminders, and know the status of each task instantly.
[/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/3″]WHITE LABEL (REBRANDING)
Reinforce branding and build a stronger market position with our white label solution that makes the system truly “yours”.
[/ms_column] [/ms_row]