Property Reporting Dashboard

What’s better than instant visibility into your business? TransactionAdmin broker dashboard feature displays both projected and pending cash flow – keeping you in step with the core of your business. By using these real-time dashboards, you stay on top of your business and get the level of visibility needed to make important business decisions.

Say “Goodbye” to excel files, Google Spreadsheet, and having your business assistant compile reports riddled with human errors. Use TransactionAdmin real estate reporting software to run reports at any given point in time for any time frame you desire.

► Oversee brokerage pipeline.
► Execute cash flow projection reports.
► View agent efficiency reports.
► Create your own custom reports.
► Run custom year-to-date or anniversary-date reports.
► Access simple sales funnel and view the commission value of all transactions.
► View reports with your company’s past, present, and projected net-per-month.
► View breakdown by transaction status and view the total value of your listings, escrow, and other assets.

In addition to projecting financials, TransactionAdmin offers other financial capabilities such as total commission management and a Quickbooks integration that allows financial data to flow seamlessly between TransactionAdmin and your accounting software.