Broker Compliance Review

According to Real Estate regulations, brokers have to review and sign off all on document submissions. Previously, there wasn’t a way for brokers to easily manage their paperwork and track their projects, other than being exceptionally organized. Now, Brokers can play their role in the real estate compliance review process with minimal effort through the TransactionAdmin software platform.

TransactionAdmin allows to Brokers to create a multi-tiered review process by allowing users to submit documents for review, approve or reject the paperwork, provide additional comments and/or trigger email notifications, all within the same software system.

Additionally, all actions are automatically logged and time-stamped in compliance with today’s regulations and industry best practices, while enabling an easy real estate broker audit in record time.


Still not convinced? Here are a few additional advantages of having an online compliance review process:

► Conduct final approval
► Receive exemption requests for non-applicable documents
► Receive notifications regarding submitted documents
► Send instant notification to agents
► Trail of all events
► Filter trail by event type
► Log emails, files, comments
► No need to print and initial documents

You cannot have a document review process without including the most important step–an up-to-date transaction archive. Read about TransactionAdmin intelligent backup capability that takes all broker and document information and converts it into one archive users can store in the cloud for years to come.