Real Estate Commission Management Software

Did you know that by using our real estate back office software, TransactionAdmin users can automatically calculate commissions and simplify the real estate commission management process? We’ve got a simple solution that automates commission tracking and offers the ability to brand CDA and Individual statements with your logo and company name.

In fact, here’s a comprehensive list of everything you can do with your commissions via TransactionAdmin:

  • Instantly view how much to pay each agent for a particular transaction
  • Review commission structure for any agent
  • Review robust reports and year-to-date sales volume
  • Generate disbursement authorization forms automatically
  • Use sliding scale commission structures with a 100% cap
  • List other charges and fees, so you can keep track of all possible expenses
  • Add pre-split and post-split deductions, including outside referrals
  • Modify commissions on the fly, even after you have assigned them to a transaction
  • Generate commission disbursement forms and individual commission statements

TransactionAdmin software also offers a seamless QuickBooks integration for the automatic transfer of your business’ most integral financial information.

Pretty neat, right? With just one click your staff can find out which sales will be paid out, and you can stay on top of commissions without the added headache.

So if manual calculation is eating up a large portion of your time, or figuring up commission rates and splits for each individual agent makes your eyes cross, we urge you to test out the TransactionAdmin system.