Transaction Archive

The ability to save a snapshot of your real estate transaction is a vital function, one that is driven partly by real estate regulations, but also by a desire to maintain responsible archiving practices. Recording transactions can seem very simple at first, but once an agency starts making a large number of sales, it often becomes more complicated than one might expect.In order to support this need and help you sleep better at night, TransactionAdmin has a top-notch transaction download process for you.

► Save a copy of your transaction data any time
► Instant download: You request it, you receive it.
► If you had multiple checklists assigned to your transaction, every checklist will be represented as a separate folder.
► Auto-rename your files to match your checklist items.
► All documents, including unsorted are in your archive.
► For security purposes, the download link is valid for seven days.
► New archive anytime.
► Download transaction archive (.zip) and burn it to a disk.
► Demonstrate full compliance with audit criteria

On top of advanced transaction backup you also get checklist management that provides the ability to set up and fully customize your templates, email notifications and reminders regarding outstanding items to your own business processes and daily routine.